Three things to consider before buying a business

Buying and owning your own business is no walk in the park - far from it. From quitting your current job, or even balancing it alongside setting up your new venture, to putting in an extensive amount of groundwork before seeing any real benefits or a steady revenue stream, the journey to being a new business owner is surely an arduous one. No doubt there are some incredible pay offs: the prospect of being your own boss, working to your own schedu... Continue Reading

How good onboarding can save your company more than money

“A company is only as good as its employees” goes the old adage – but sometimes, failing to properly integrate new hires into your business can be ruinous to its health.

This is one of the findings of a recent survey of SMEs carried out by Cezanne HR. According to the firm’s study, poor selection and onboarding practices are costing UK SMEs millions in recruitment and employer brand value terms.

According to the ... Continue Reading

The Art of Negotiation: Buyer’s Edition

Nobody likes to be taken for a ride when a business proposition is considered. Particularly if you’re on the buying side, it’s important to know the key details with full transparency before taking the leap towards purchasing and running your own business.

If you find yourself in this very position, having just found the business of your dreams that you're keen to secure and operate on your own, it’s time you learnt the a... Continue Reading

How to handle GDPR at a new business

Your email inboxes have probably been filling up in recent weeks with notices from companies and organisations begging for your consent to everybody’s favourite new set of EU rules – the GDPR.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are probably aware of the extra requirements these regulations make of any group that handles or processes its customers’ personal data, namely to implement rigorous measures to ensure data is... Continue Reading

Report: SMEs are spending a tenth of their time chasing payments

Late payments: the scourge of many a small business or enterprise. But according to a new piece of research carried out by Liberis, an SME finance provider, the majority of the UK’s smaller firms are spending far too much of their precious time chasing up delinquent creditors.

According to new data collected under the title of “How Is Aged Debt Affectin... Continue Reading

Top growth strategy tips from the technology industry

A recent report published by accountancy firm Deloitte – entitled “2018 Technology Industry Outlook” – has reviewed several of the ways that technology firms are planning for growth, with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategies at its heart.

It both takes pointers from within the technology industry, where market disruptors and lightning-quick research and development time mean changes can be quick, and alerts business own... Continue Reading

Why it's time to simplify small business tax

Tax for small businesses is a complicated ordeal, particularly when you take into account the sheer number of man-hours required in relation to the small staff pool available. Often, owners or founders will find themselves trying to take on the work that an entire finance team would handle at a larger organisation.

But the Government may be considering a wide-ranging overhaul to tackle widespread confusion among entrepreneurs and ot... Continue Reading

Looking abroad to grow small businesses after Brexit

The potential impact of Brexit for the UK’s businesses, both large and small, has been written about and agonised over for some months now, despite a lack of clarity about what exactly leaving the European Union will look like when it comes to pass.

Will the UK remain in the customs union? How will EU citizens be permitted to travel to and from the UK? And how can the nation’s businesses maintain their strong links with supplier... Continue Reading

Why now is the perfect time to buy and grow a small business

Though it might not seem like now is a good time for small businesses - what with the potential impact of Brexit and wider economic worries on the UK’s High Streets - confidence among those running SMEs is running at a high, according to new data. Could it be that with a backdrop of lower inflation, progress on talks to leave the EU and a largely positive Spring Statement that this is the perfect time to grow a small business?

Comp... Continue Reading

Guide: how to plan your exit strategy

Many owner-managers put in a lifetime of hard work building their business only to throw away some of the rewards by failing to consider properly how they will exit from the business,­ both financially and as a manager.

It is vital to begin planning an exit at an early stage if it is to be a success. Below, we have included some steps to guide your thinking before you get there and ensure that you – and your business – are serv... Continue Reading

Is 2018 the right time to make a food and drink acquisition?

The view from the UK’s high streets at the moment is a cause for some concern. Names like the House of Fraser, Debenhams, New Look are all at least facing difficulties, with some closing several chains and others, like Toys R Us, falling into administration in a bid to rescue their business.

The news worsened over Easter, too, with poor weather keeping shoppers from venturing out and footfalls falling by 9.6 per cent on Good Friday... Continue Reading

Ten top tips for selling a business

Selling your own business is never a simple task. For one thing, it represents saying goodbye to an enterprise you have likely put a lot of time, effort and money into – not to mention the emotional investment made.

At the same time, your company needs to be in the best shape possible to attract the attentions of the best possible buyers and fetch the highest price. Getting everything ship-shape before it is time to sell should be... Continue Reading

Buying a care home – the next steps

In the previous instalment of the blog, we looked at the first steps you might take in order to buy a care home business, focusing on working out whether it was the career for you and how to pick the right kind of business to fit your needs and capabilities.

With this in mind, it is time to start looking more closely at the potential businesses you mig... Continue Reading

Buying a care home – the first steps

Buying and running a care home can be a highly profitable business venture as well as a rewarding lifestyle choice and, according to recent statistics, the customer demand for them is only going to increase.

The British population is an ageing one and experts have predicted that the demand for a room at a Continue Reading

How to reply to potential buyers in 5 steps

After the small tasks of preparing your business for sale, listing it and advertising the listing for wider attention, you will hopefully be inundated with inquiries from interested buyers, whether over the phone, email or good old snail-mail.

Responding to these messages and requests can be one of the most crucial stages in securing a good sale for your business, for both finding a suitable purchaser and making sure the deal you ma... Continue Reading