Is B&B a good business choice?

You may be toying with the idea of running a B&B, especially with the convenience of living in the same place as your work. Long work commutes can be quite off-putting and a B&B is definitely a way to avoid any sort of travel for work.

Accounting for a fifth of the UK’s serviced accommodation industry, there is definitely something attractive about this business venture.

A B&B can be extremely rewarding, as you are p... Continue Reading

What is the best kind of business for you?

A lifestyle business, especially if you are starting it from scratch, needs to strike the perfect balance between personal fulfilment and profit. But when the market is this diverse, there are a number of avenues you could pursue as you establish an organisation.

If you are looking to move away from a more hectic corporate environment, you may want to consider a new venture that encompasses a flexible working timetable in terms of s... Continue Reading

Have a taste for a cup of joe?

The British may be known for their love of tea, but the reality is that 70 million cups of coffee are drunk every day by Brits across the country. And with coffee being the second most desired commodity behind crude oil, it’s clear there is a lot of money and potential in the industry.

In today’s society, coffee-drinking can range from being a daily necessity to kickstart the morning or boost concentration, to being a sophistica... Continue Reading

Case study: top five places to launch your business

The number of small businesses in the UK is on the rise and the statistics are there to prove it. At the start of 2017, there was a record number of 5.7 million private sector businesses. This is an increase of 197,000 since 2016 and a total increase of 2.2 million since 2000.

Small businesses accounted for 99.3 per cent of all private sector businesses at the start of 2017, of which 99.9 per cent were small or medium-sized enterpri... Continue Reading

Say no to a loan: alternative methods to raise funding for business buyers

Money matters are always a topic of conversation when you’re a business owner – regardless of whether you’re new to the industry, a veteran, or simply an interested individual thinking about purchasing one. The business of finances is central to any company, as it can usually be the maker or breaker in a decision to buy a company, and so it is in your own best interests to ensure your financial affairs are in order or have been discussed. F... Continue Reading

The top three people to trust when selling your business

Selling a business can be a complex and fast-moving affair, but it can also be drawn out over a long period due to the preparation and negotiations that make up a large part of this process. As such, it is crucial to ensure you have the best team around you to provide the support you need from start to finish. Trust is key, and it's a good idea take the time to find experienced professionals who are capable and willing to deliver on their pr... Continue Reading

Remember your friend Due Diligence?

When looking to buy a business, you need to take into account certain considerations. At first glance, you may be overwhelmed by all the matters that require your assessment. Questions like “is this a good investment?” or “are they making money?” are going to be in your mind. But there is a process that you can use to sort out your concerns in an orderly fashion and make an informed decision. This is called due diligence.

Wha... Continue Reading

Do you have what it takes?

The dream of owning your own business and the reality of actually running it may be polar opposites. A better work-life balance, a substantial income and simply the satisfaction of being your own boss may be offset by long, arduous hours and slow turnovers until your business is fully established.

Not quite a walk in the park and a long game, setting up and running your own company from scratch can be a rollercoaster ride. Do you ha... Continue Reading

When is the right time to sell a business?

Building up a business takes time and it’s not an easy decision to sell, but it also isn’t an easy decision to find the right time to sell. There are many reasons why you may be looking to sell - the company may be on the verge of growth but needs someone new, or the risks are no longer worth the rewards. It may also be that personal circumstances mean you are no longer able to devote the time and effort to manage and grow the business.
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Creating the ultimate business listing

You’ve made the decision to sell your business, so now what’s left to do is to find the right buyer. And where better to advertise your company and at the same time find a buyer than on a business listings website?

You will find a haven of qualified individuals looking to make a purchase in a business listings website like Bizsale. A wel... Continue Reading

What about your employees during a sale?

There is a lot to do when thinking of selling a business and preparing for the final settlement. But have you thought about your employees?

A business sale is not only a stressful time for you, but also for your employees. Selling a business can raise many alarm bells including job security and whether present conditions will remain unchanged.

Don’t underestimate the importance of happy employees

When ... Continue Reading

Quick checklist: Selling your business

You’re preparing to sell your business, and you’re drawing up all the papers you need to make the transition as simple as can be. The financial statements are in order, and you’ve gone through the finer details of profits, losses and cashflow sheets meticulously. But what else?

As much as these financial details are important, any potential buyer will also want to see the other key documents you have to keep the business runnin... Continue Reading

How to set an asking price

So you’ve decided to sell your business - it’s been a hard decision but it’s time. You might be looking to move onto another venture or maybe leaving the market altogether. But one question probably has you stumped – how do you set an asking price for your heart and soul?

This is a business you’ve worked hard to build, and parting cannot be easy. To put a value on such a business is really not something you've conside... Continue Reading

Tackling the business proposal

You’ve finally made the decision to buy a business – now what? It’s time to write the business proposal.

The cornerstone of any purchase, sale, negotiation or pitch, the proposal is the formal blueprint of your business that outlines its background, present state and ambitions from a purely commercial perspective. A summation of your ideas and goals for the business should be captured in a methodical and professional format on... Continue Reading

Three things to consider before buying a business

Buying and owning your own business is no walk in the park - far from it. From quitting your current job, or even balancing it alongside setting up your new venture, to putting in an extensive amount of groundwork before seeing any real benefits or a steady revenue stream, the journey to being a new business owner is surely an arduous one. No doubt there are some incredible pay offs: the prospect of being your own boss, working to your own schedu... Continue Reading