Four Valentine's marketing tips that will get your brand noticed

Valentine's Day isn't for everyone, but there's no arguing that it has become a significant date in the marketing calendar for small and large companies alike. Whether you're encouraging your customers to show their love, or providing them with the perfect way to avoid the hearts and roses as much as possible, this is a marketing opportunity not to miss.

To help you make the most of the occasion, we've put together our top tips for a Valentine's Day marketing success.

Stick to your brand message

It may be Valentine's Day, but as with any event on the marketing calendar it's an opportunity to reaffirm your brand message, rather than a reason to stray. If you're lucky enough to be in the chocolate, flower or card industry during this time, this probably won't be a problem! But if you're marketing something that's not as easily linked with big fluffy bears, you may find that you'll have more success with an alternative marketing campaign. Running a paintball company? Market to those who want to avoid all talk of romance. Selling retro t-shirts? Market your products as the perfect alternative for the discerning Valentine who dislikes tradition.

Create the perfect package

Not everyone is brilliant at choosing the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a loved one. For these people, finding a company willing to do the hard work for them is the perfect compromise. If you think any of your products or services could make the ideal gift, consider creating package deals or offering gift-wrap options. Your customers can then simply browse your selection and choose the gift that most appeals to them with no fuss.

Consider other parts of the market

It's not simply a matter of buying for a partner or avoiding completely. More and more, consumers are wanting to use Valentine's Day as a way of celebrating their love for their family and friends. Girl friends, boy pals and even pets are increasingly enjoying the Valentine's Day treatment, making this day an even greater opportunity for companies that have more to offer than just traditional Valentine's gifts. If you think this could work for you, consider avoiding notions of romance and focus on humour and creativity to help your customers show someone how much they mean.

User Generated Content (UGC)

In a world dominated by social media, there is arguably no better way to advertise your company than to get your customers to do it for you. Photos, hashtags, likes and follows - if you want to get your company noticed, social media offers endless opportunities to get your current customers, and even potential customers, to notice you. Valentine's Day is an ideal opportunity to try this. Get your customers to tag someone they love in a photo of them using your product, or maybe get them to send a romantic photo with a specified hashtag for a chance of winning a prize. There are endless possibilities when it comes to getting customers talking, so choose something that works for your product and service and smother it in your brand's Valentine's Day message!

No matter what your business is, there are many ways that Valentine's Day can help you boost your sales and draw in new customers, so make sure it's an important part of your marketing calendar this year.