Creating the ultimate business listing

You’ve made the decision to sell your business, so now what’s left to do is to find the right buyer. And where better to advertise your company and at the same time find a buyer than on a business listings website?

You will find a haven of qualified individuals looking to make a purchase in a business listings website like Bizsale. A well-seasoned buyer will have his or her eye on the ball, and will be on the hunt for exactly the right business that fits their requirements; it’s for this reason that you portray your company in the most clear, professional and catchy way possible to attract interested individuals and point them in the direction of your business.

Presentation is everything. So, consider the following checklist of things to include and avoid when listing your business so that your business falls into the right hands for the future.

Any marketing guru will tell you that the headline is the most important aspect of your listing, as it provides a single opportunity to grab your online audience’s attention. Long and convoluted titles appear too arduous to read, so keep it simple and ensure you highlight the USP - unique selling points - of your business.

Most of this information is fairly confidential, but you ought to include some financial details in your online description to attract the right buyer. Otherwise, how will he or she know if your company meets their economic criteria? A few basic numbers will be enough to give an indication of how large your business is and its scope for growth, and a serious, experienced buyer will demonstrate interest accordingly.

Positive descriptions
Make a positive statement about your business but steer clear of clichéd statements like “I am a very motivated seller” or “I will take into account all reasonable offers”, but show your willingness to negotiate and sell your business through positive language. Painting a genuine description of your business with promises of a great future will pique interest, and attract individuals in due course.

If your business has been performing poorly and is the reason why you’re selling, try and avoid many of the finer details. However, if your sale is a consequence of retirement or a new business venture, be sure to mention it in the description.

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not show your business with photogenic images? It’s difficult to do if your business is an online one, but if you hold physical assets, a few tasteful shots will boost the impressive nature of your listing. Certainly, images are a sure-fire way to gauge your audience’s attention in the simplest, and most picturesque way possible.

Contact details
Last but not least, leave your contact details at the end of the listing – after all, you want an interested buyer to contact you about your business! A name, email, website and telephone number are all great ways of showing you're serious about selling. A comment about confidentially will also be appreciated by a prospective buyer.

So now that you've got your business listed, check your communication channels daily, and keep the discussions cordial; this will help you forge strong relationships with buyers and make a sale worth your time.