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Access the direct contact details for all businesses listed for sale.

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Access the contact details of businesses for sale with a turnover less than of 400k or a value of less than 250k.

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Access the contact details of businesses for sale with a turnover in excess of 400k or a value in excess of 250k.


Latest businesses in administration

Access up-to-date information on every business that goes into administration in the UK, as well as full contact details of the insolvency practitioner involved.


Latest winding-up petitions

View all the latest businesses that have had a winding-up petition lodged against them.


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Receive daily email alerts for the latest businesses for sale, businesses in administration and businesses that have had winding-up petitions lodged against them.


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Published monthly, the Business Sale Report contains the current month's businesses for sale, information on UK mergers and acquisitions, and a range of informative articles.


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Premium articles, news and tips on topics related to buying and selling businesses in the UK.


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Advertise your specific acquisition requirements to business sellers and intermediaries across the UK with access to our business wanted service.


Full access to all our guides and resources

Access our database of resources and articles aimed at building buyer knowledge at every level. Our guides include "Guide to buying a nursing home" and "How to profit from buying distressed businesses", "How to structure an earn-out" and many more.


Guides for buyers and sellers of small businesses

Access a selection of guides that can help you buy a small business, such as "How to buy a pub", and "Guide to preparing a business plan"

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You can list all your businesses for sale with us for free.

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