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Ghost Hunting £21200 Doncaster 13/04/2017 746593

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Owned by former TV presenter Phil Whyman, The Ghost Hunting Company is one of the most respected brands within the public ghost hunting business sector. Having taken countless clients on overnight ghost hunting experiences throughout the UK, the business continues to be hugely successful and profitable.

Being a home-based, online ecommerce business with no physical stock, there is very little outlay; things such as tickets and documentation are delivered via email to clients. Obviously being a home-based and online business means you can operate from anywhere in the country.

By personal choice the owner currently operates The Ghost Hunting Company on a part-time basis on a Saturday, running one event every two or three weeks. However, the opportunity to increase income potential rises exponentially by operating on Friday and Saturday nights, running multiple events; midweek events are also a possibility too.

This represents an ideal opportunity to break in to this lucrative and popular business, with an established brand, domain name and website.


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